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Why and Who Wears Islamic Clothing

The clothing of people is influenced by the climate, available materials, culture, traditions which include social status, group identity and religion. Modest Clothing for Muslim men and women varies with the culture they are from. There is no one style of clothing today. Islam calls people to be modest both in dress and behaviour. Islamic clothing for men and women reflects their belief in the values taught by Islam.

The colors and styles of clothing differ throughout the Muslim world. The main question put to Muslims in any part of the world is: "Why do muslims wear such distinct and modest clothing? . "Quran" the holy book of Muslims teaches its believers to "lower their gaze and be modest". Muslims believe that God has full wisdom and knows what is best for them.

Need for Dressing Modestly

1) Obedience to God
2) Being known for who you really are
3) Not being judged by your beauty

or lack thereof
4) Being able to do business in an atmosphere of respect
5) Liberation
6) Comfort

Muslims dress in modest clothing, without attracting attention of others. For this reason, many Muslims choose dark and earth-tone colors such as black, green, blue, gray. Some colors are more common in certain parts of the world, based on local tradition.

Is This Dress Code Only For Women?
Dress code is not restricted only to woman, it is also to men. Islam teaches both men and women to be modest. It is generally understood that men must not expose their areas of body from navel to the knee. Men must not wear tight and see through clothes. The traditional clothing for men is long, flowing robes, or long tunics that fully cover the body. While Islam outlines a code of modesty, it does not command a particular style, color, or fabric. Although, to dress as the Prophet Muhammad and his companions did, is the most preferred method.

Who Wears Islamic Clothing?

Islamic clothing varies significantly with gender and age. Women, Men and Children have different options when they want to go for Islamic clothing.

Women's Clothing – Abaya's – A loose robe from head to toe – Jilbab-Dress which looks like a raincoat or a coat dress – Niqab-A dress covering the lower part of the face – Hijab-Headscarf worn over the head – Accessories for Hijab-Include pins, brooches and underscarf

Men's Clothing – Thobes-Covers Body from Head to toe – Galabiyyas-Long white robes – Hats – Khuffs-Worn down to the foot being made of leather

Children's Clothing – Boys Thobes – Boys Islamic Hats – Girls Hijab

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